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About us

“ รักษ์สิ่งแวดล้อมวิถีคาร์บอนต่ำ
Save Environment Low Carbon ”

Green Leaf foundation

The Green Leaf Foundation was officially founded and registered on the 17th of March 1998. It was the day that members of the Board of Environmental Promotion of Tourism Activities or BEPTA were pleased and proud of their hard work and vision in developing both the quality of the environment and the tourism industry at the same time.

The visionary organizations are composed of:

Demand Side Management Office of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Association for the Development of Environmental Quality
Thai Hotels Association
United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)
Metropolitan Water works Authority

was jointly established by the 6 organizations with the same determination and responsibility, with support fund sponsorship from various local and international organizations. They have organized several training seminars on environmental educational, environmental standards, and energy efficiency since 1999.

Their main objective is

British Embassy, he Asia Foundation, United State-Asia Environmental Partnership, National Energy Policy Office, Department of Environmental, Quality Promotion, Faculty of Environment and Resources Studies, Mahidol University, Tridhod Three-Generation School Village, Dusit Group, Hilton International Bangkok at Park Nai Lert, May Fair Inn Company Limited, Thai International Airways Company Limited, and other leading hotels in Thailand are their sponsors for several of activities .

Green Leaf Program for hotels under the Green Leaf Foundation is the first step in the development of environmental quality for the tourism industry. Various activities will be organized by the Foundation in the future,according to its future developmet and objectives. once the foundation has sufficient capacity to move on.

The Green Leaf Programs are organized by BEPTA, which has completed environmental practical checklists for hotels for the environmental assessment and to be audited by the BEPTA’s appointed Audit team. The assessment will be graded with the standard score to measure hotel’s each operation’s efficiency in environmental management. The results of the assessment, will be compared with the reference standard score of the hotels .Audited hotels to promote environmental awareness in tourism industry,highest level of resource efficiency of environmental protection will be awarded with Green Leaf Certificate ranging form 1 to 5 leaves, 5 denoting the most practiced hotel in environmental management.

The Green Leaf Foundation has confidence in the efforts of hotel owners, operators, and their business partners in working collaboratively towards the betterment in managing the environmentally quality for the prosperity and sustainability of the industry and the country.