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Dr. Tanawan Sintunawa
Green Leaf Foundation

A wide variety of plants and animals can live by interdependence in an environment that is suitable and conducive to life some organisms can make their own food from common raw materials, including carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. These organisms include green plants and certain bacteria. Another group of living thing is unable to create food for themselves. They need to rely on the first group of organisms as a source of food for life, including all animals and some bacteria.

Plant produces food by taking place in the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll compounds, green and other colors. It performs this vital function on the leaves, stems and other parts of the plant by drawing water and carbon dioxide to react together. When exposed to the sun, a new compound forms a powder. Which is later converted to sugar and is used in plant respiration. The residual starch from plant respiration is accumulated in different parts such as leaves, flowers, fruit and food accumulation of plants in different ways, both in the form of wood, fruit, seed and by increasing the growth of these parts of the plant itself. Giving opportunities to other living things have been used as food in life.

Photosynthesis in all plants is the same, that is, the basic compounds are the same. But the preliminary transformation of plants from plant photosynthesis to various compounds with different properties can occur. By controlling the genetic characteristics of each plant perennial plants use photosynthetic food to breathe. Repair the worn parts and strengthen the trunk part of which was used to reproduce flowers and seeds. The rest of the food is stored on the leaves, fruit or seeds, and the rest of the food is added to the photosynthetic basic compound, which is another compound sweetened, fatty, fibrous, which is a spice. And a different kind of drug plants need a variety of nutrients. With the structure of genetics acting to control the formula and how to flavor food obtained from photosynthesis. They are different types of compounds, so nutrients are one of the factors of plant growth.

Areas with various nutrient content and have different humidity levels. Therefore, moisture, type and nutrient content determines the type of plants that can grow. If the area has adequate moisture and nutrient content for the growth of food crops. The area will have rich food suitable for settlement. Generally, include vegetation in the river basin which land was born from the blow and accumulate nutrients with the runoff of water for a long time, making the soil in this area very fertile. While the water in the river basin will provide enough moisture for plants that need high humidity. For plants that require less moisture, they can grow farther from the river. The area with slopes on mountains and hills. Will have different amounts of nutrients and conducive to the growth of plants that can be rooted from the soil surface to find moisture and to bind the soil to be able to stand tall and large. But both food and perennial plants that grow on the watershed on the slope of hills and mountains. They produce food from photosynthesis as well. But the food of these plants, produced or produced, will be added to the fiber or wood grain of the plant. For use in human and animal consumption the product is made from photosynthesis and obtained food. It will be the starting point for dependence in the ecosystem. The herbivores will eat these plants for food. Then these may be the food of carnivorous animals. And carnivores will be food for human beings.

In addition to being a starting point for the interdependence in ecosystems, food chain transmission is also available. Food production from photosynthesis is also the starting point for absorbing energy from the sun. For the benefit of human society’s life which absorbs energy from the sun for the benefit of human society’s life the energy of plants is absorbed in this way. This allows for more extensive storage, adjustment and use opportunities than the absorption of sunlight energy in the form of heat, such as the heating of various materials. That have been exposed to sunlight for several hours so it can be said that plant photosynthesis is an important food production and transfer of ecosystems.

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