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Application process to the Green Leaf Program:

      All hotels nation-wide can get application forms at :

          Green Leaf Foundation
          1600 New Phetburi Road, Makkasan, Rajatevee, Bangkok 10400
          Tel: 66-2250-5500, 66-2652-8321-2 Fax: 66-2652-8322
          E-mail :contact@greenleafthai.org
          Green Leaf Secretariat Office (Thai Hotels Association)
          203-209/3 Ratchadamnern Klang, Baworn Nivet, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
          Tel: 0-2281-9496 Fax: 0-2281-4188 or www.greenleafthai.org

      Hotel applicants for the program have to provide clear and precise details as indicated in the
          application forms and return the forms to the Green Leaf Foundation with payment.

       After the committee reviews the applications, it will provide applicants with the Screening

          which will include 10 questions to screen how the business is being operated under the Enhancement and
          Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act and other related laws. The applying hotel has to fill out
          and return the questionnaire to the foundation.

       Hotels which pass this first step will receive a “Letter of Participation” and “Qualifying Questionnaire”
          which will assess the hotel in terms of basic energy and environmental management practises in ways that do
          not impact the ecosystem, such as the use of plastic-foam sheet for decoration or advertising label and
          the use of natural plants or products in decorations.

       After the first two steps are completed, a third assessment level
          will require the hotel to complete a “Grading Questionnaire” to assess its role and involvement in promoting and
          developing the quality of life and environment in the local community.

          A total of 11 sections are assessed as follows.

          Section 1    Environmental Policies
          Section 2    Waste Management
          Section 3    Efficiency in Energy and Water Conservation
          Section 4    Procurement of ‘Green Products’
          Section 5    Indoor Air Quality
          Section 6   Air Pollution
          Section 7    Noise Pollution
          Section 8
        Quality of Water
          Section 9    Management of Fuel, Gas, Toxic                                   and Hazardous Materials
          Section 10  Ecological impact
          Section 11  Collaboration with Community
                             and Local Government

       After applicant hotels supply evidence to support the claimed results of their environmental
          conservation activities and submit the completed questionnaire,

          within the deadline, the committee will arrange for a visit to inspect the applicant hotel. This auditing group,
          which is set up by the foundation, will inspect within 48 hours after contact is made.
          The inspection will take only one day.

            The committee will compile the scores from the audit, compared with the standard grade from inspection of 20
      reference hotels. It will then issue the appropriate “Green Leaf” rating as approved by the committee. The applicant
      hotel will be informed of a preliminary certification ceremony which will be followed by an official ceremony when
      the Green Leaf award and certification will be publicly presented and the hotel’s name will be entered in
      the Green Hotel Directory.
    Validity Period
        The certification period will remain in effect for two years from the date of issue. The operators can apply to
        renewthe certification as per the procedures of the Green Leaf Programs.

    Renewing the Certificate
        In order to encourage renewal of the Green Leaf certificate, the Green Leaf Foundation will send a reminder
        letter to hotel members six months prior to the expiry date.

    Letter of Participation
        Hotels will be dispatched their formal letter of participation and become eligible for the following:
    • Receive news and information via Green Leaf Bulletin, Green Leaf-Let
    • Participate in Green Leaf activities at special cost (in case a cost is incurred)
    • Receive the Green Hotel Directory
    • Invitation to participate in the various programs offered by the Green Leaf Foundation

     The Green Leaf Certification is designed to recognise hotels which have passed the standard quality assessment and demonstrated their practical commitment towards environmental preservation and the efficient usage of energy and natural resources. Hotels which pass the audit will receive up to five levels of “Green Leaves.”

The Green Leaf Foundation so far has conducted three Green Leaf Award ceremonies as follows:

1. On 30 November 1998
at Dusit Thani Hotel in which 34 hotels were conferred awards.

2. On 2 October 2000
at United Nations Conference Centre in which 64 hotels were conferred awards.

3.On 17 December 2003
at Dusit Thani Hotel 79 hotels were conferred awards.

      The growing number of hotels that are joining the programme shows that the Green Leaf environmental standard is gaining acceptance among hotel operators. The last ceremony in December 2003 also featured the theme “Green Leaf Standard… for ASEAN”. This is to demonstrate Thailand’s potential for taking a leadership role in developing high energy and environmental management standards for the hotel and tourism industry and raising it to an international level.